Accessibility Close

Through the careful and correct application of design, development and content this website aims to give all users equal access to information and functionality.

By applying international best practice standards of web accessibility www.Metropolitan provides for users of all abilities and disabilities. We appreciate that users of this site have varying needs. We therefore endeavour to ensure that your interaction with us is as seamless, straightforward and meaningful as possible.

This site provides:

  • Resizable fonts: When text and images can be enlarged, it is easier for users with poor sight to read and understand the content.
  • High contrast text: By changing the background colour of the page, superior clarity is achieved. When links are underlined or differentiated, this ensures that colour blind users are able to easily identify these areas and make use of them.
  • Descriptions on images: When a site is coded using textual equivalents for images and expressively named links, blind users making use of text-to-speech software or text-to-Braille hardware are assisted.
  • Simplified mark-up: Improves screen reader accuracy for users.
  • Navigation layout matches HTML: This assists users with cognitive difficulties that are making use of screen readers to make reading easier. When pages are coded so that users can navigate by means of the keyboard alone, or a single switch access device, this helps users who cannot use a mouse or a standard keyboard.
  • Plain language: When content is written in plain language users with dyslexia and learning difficulties are better able to understand the content.

When sites are correctly built and maintained, all users can be accommodated while not impacting on the usability of the site for non-disabled users.